1.5 inch Color Cube for the 16mm ANVERDI DICE Magic Trick

1.5 inch Color Cube for the 16mm ANVERDI DICE Magic Trick

Elevate your performance to a new level by combining the ANVERDI DICE¬† in a Color Cube.¬† The bright colors are easily visible from any venue, making this perfect for both close-up and platform performances. We offer three base colors for the cube – black, dark brown, and brown – with the color pattern on the side customizable. We typically use vinyl 651 and the Rubik’s cube colors and orientation. Choose from a square or round cube, with an 18mm cavity for ANVERDI DICE. The dice can be secured in place with rubber band¬† to prevent rattling.

Featuring :

  • Magnetically locking panel
  • Comes with a magnet key
  • Contact us to customize colors, symbols, orientation

Please note that product will NOT have a high look finish. See close up pictures to get a better idea of how rough or smooth the 3D printing looks. 3D printed parts will have imperfections as its being built layer by layer



1 review for 1.5 inch Color Cube for the 16mm ANVERDI DICE Magic Trick

  1. Richard Mendez

    I own several of these marvelous little cubes in both 1.25″ and 1.5″ and couldn’t possibly be more pleased with the outcome. The colors are vibrant and easily visible from across any venue making this ideal for both close-up or platform. I had mine made to reflect the Rubik’s Cube color scheme used with ProMystic’s Mini MD making it very easy for me to remember. I placed a 1.25″ cube inside of a class Adams Color Vision box for standard performance conditions, yet I am always ready to escalate the effect to an entirely different level should the situation allow or call for it. They are a real pleasure to own and perform with and come very highly recommended.

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