Ball & Egg Vase Magic Trick Vase #2

Ball & Egg Vase Magic Trick Vase #2

Introducing the impressive Ball Vase Silk Production Magic Trick—a fantastic addition to your magic collection!

This set includes everything you need to perform stunning illusions, . You’ll find:

  1. Vase with a lid
  2. Egg cover gimmick
  3. Ball cover gimmick
  4. Plastic ball
  5. Plastic egg
  6. Additional plastic egg
  7. Silk for added flair

Please be aware that there are no specific instructions or packaging included, colors are painted with metallic Silver (as seen in pic) Dark Copper, Gold, Rose Gold.  We also have possible bronze infill filament option (supplies limited)

It’s important to note that the product is made of plastic and may have some imperfections. However, this doesn’t detract from the fun and magic you can create with it! Let your imagination run wild with this exciting set, and you’ll be sure to amaze your audience with your enchanting tricks.

You have the freedom to craft your unique routines, no instructions, no packaging. We can assist in instructions if needed. contact us .




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