Disk Escape Magic Trick

Disk Escape Magic Trick

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Imagine five discs, each with its own bright color, laid out for all to see. The spectator is invited to join in the fun by flipping the discs over, shuffling them to hide their colors, creating an exciting mystery.

Now, the spectator picks one disc, keeping their choice a secret, and places all the face-down discs into a container. Once the container is sealed tight, a string is threaded through its center, making it seem like an unbreakable bond.

But here’s where the magic happens! With a wave of the performer’s hand, the chosen disc defies all expectations. It escapes from the string of discs and magically drops out of the container, leaving everyone amazed and delighted! It’s a jaw-dropping spectacle that will leave you wondering how it’s done!


You will recieve STL files

you will need a string or a twine

No instructions , or assembly video. – contact us for any help



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