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Train Cases

This was and still is my all time favorite. I actually felt bad for lettings it go. after selling the case I tried to look it up again and seems it is a vintage item and very hard to find. Most current Makeup train cases are hard cases. This is more magician friendly and does not look like a purse . I was able to find another case on eBay but had to pay premium price for it.

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Another 3 tier style leather faux case. smaller and cube looking

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This was a 2 tier nesting trays inside the case. This is the only picture I have of it. I used this case for the Rubik's cubes as well as the book test. It  had appropriate storage compartment for.

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If its leather, if its black, it is magical

This caboodles brand makeup case has a brush holder on the sides which are useful to hold your wands or sharpies . This was the only makeup case I came across where it was able to hold 5x7 bicycle big card box in one of the sections.  Also large bottom section for larger props.  This case will be going to a magician in Boston- with the best of luck

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