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The Grooming Tool Cases

Other models have a compartment of easy to reach tools and wands. The one I had got a larger storage for bulky props. I was able to fit everything in the picture in the case. Has wheels looks nice. but was not my favorite as it was low, and no function to make it into a table

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This was on my radar for a while due to few reasons. one is the drawer organization solution. two the table option. Three it has a speaker and a media player which can be used to music the show.  However the case is unrealistically heavy and not really made for the "Traveler" . the Music needed to be plugged into a power outlet. and a better drawer solution was discovered . so I decided its not worth the 400$ price tag

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Another interesting model I wanted to test. drawers, and a 2 tier storage solution. lot of placed for the wands and bulky props in the bottom. after setup its possible to use the case as a table. but I haven't owned one yet  to test. high price tag as well.

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another drawer solution prices at 128. not tested yet

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I finally was able to pick up this case that comes with its sturdy legs. Due to the broken glass the seller agreed to sell for 30$ . Upon picking it up I was surprised of its built quality. Leather interior with leather nesting sections.. After cleaning up, remove the broken glass and light bulb wiring; it made the case lighter. I added velvet surface to the table top and inside wooden surface. The case will be used for cards, coins, parlor shows for adults.

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