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The Best Wand to use

I finally came to build the best magic wand . in short here are the requirements for the "best wand"

  1. low cost
  2. balanced
  3. does not beak
  4. does not ding the cups (or the least damaging)
  5. DIY build
  6. must look freaking amazing
  7. looks valuable and magical
  8. magnetic tips
  9. must be 13 in long or longer
  10. heaver at the tips

I was able to make this, however if you do have a better solution. please share as I shared this great Magic  tool


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PVC is the material that won't break or dent the cups, and it's the secret to this build. It has a diameter of 3/8 inches, and Menards sells 5-foot pieces for $2.5, which is enough to make four wands.

To create the wooden pattern, you can use adhesive shelf liners from Dollar Tree, which cost $1.25. The magnets required for chop cup tricks, use 9mm x 3, and they can be purchased from Amazon.

For decoration tape, you can find it at your local hobby shop, or buy it in bulk from websites like AliExpress.

Clear gorilla glue was the adhesive that I used for this project.


Steps are easy, to make it clear, Just follow these instructions, with no fear,

Cut PVC, thirteen inches long, And pattern liner on it, to belong.

Apply decorative tape on the tip, So that it looks fancy and hip,

Make sure the 9mm fits in the pipe, Apply proper glue and let it ripe.

To balance it out, use magnets four, Two on each side, and you'll soar, But if you need it heavier than before, Just add more, and you'll explore.

And now, my friends, the magic is here, Just enjoy it, with a big cheer,

Make Magic Great Again