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The 6 color Changing Cube

Hello everyone, came across this 👇 which can be an cool 3d  build
Like the gozenta boxes we have the advantage in the precision of the nesting boxes.  It goes well with the rubik's stratosphere as a transition trick.
I was thinking to start with a puzzle cube size and go from there with each box being 1mm thick and 1mm tight space.
With cube being 56mm, 6 nesting boxes  the biggest one will be 73mm. I'm not sure if it will look awkward,  or the idea of having full puzzle cubes with one color will make an ok routine. But it's easy 3d  build with few glued magnets,  it packs small. And with a vinyl cutter,  you can make any graphic design on the box.
What do you think?

Avoiding the whole idea of a puzzle cube. you can print in different filament colors and avoid stickers etc. but it is just like the japanese guy in the video - a dry routine.


looking at the pic below . I might use only  2 smaller boxes only, (red and yellow), and with the cube being green I can do the "rule of 3" routine after the cube stratosphere trick. This way avoids the bigger boxes that look suspiciously way larger than the puzzle cube.
what do you think?
I will send you the stl files for models below - but first test the first model, im leaning toward puzzle cube look rather than flat  walls
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  • unnamed-1.png

Here is a zipfile with 4 nesting cubes that has a rubik cube shape


only concern is the wall are thinner than 1mm due  to the cube curves in the middle . i haven't tested the prints yet- also I'm not sure if the difference between the largest box and the actual Rubik's cube are awkwardly noticeable . if so, creativity is needed or 2 smaller boxes can be used with a creative routine.

if prints are  too flimsy or fragile - we can convert to straight walls and change the theme

If boxes are too tight (specially after adding color stickers) we can widen the cavity or use different color filament for each print

let me know how it turns out

ps. I will post the lid cover box soon. be tuned

Uploaded files:
  • nesting-cubes.JPG

Updated stl files. I fixed the wall thickness to allow to print .




Result of the first cube nest perfectly with the Hasbro brand Rubik's cube.  the thin layer is ok, sturdy enough if you don't break it .

with the full 1mm think it's really hard to rip a 4 sided box, however I managed to rip the .5 section  with force. So I suppose its a DIY quality prop, meaning you can just print one if it breaks .

I am testing the 2nd 63mm shell which will nest with the 60mm shell. There is the vinyl stickers to consider.

Will update the result as the print completes

here is the cubes I printed.

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  • 20220620_174437.jpg
  • processed-1ddfee50-e473-430c-917c-c2124fbcf7b3_ltWyMNBt.jpeg
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There is 2 to 3mm space for a magnet to be glued on the edge.  I did align all magnets to they can pull each other.

Pic show difference between the largest box with the actual cube .

I picked the 3 colors white , blue  and orange to complete the stratosphere cube trick.. still need to work on the routine.

As for the functionality, effect works great. When pulling each nested cube you need to practice to pull slowly so other cube under don't lift up with air pressure.

Il try posting a video next

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Scott Peckham

Great video , Thanks for the information.