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Suite Cases & backpacks

This was a vintage case that held cups and plates. I used it as a mini version of my children show, I was able to fit a zombie ball, stratosphere, coloring books, breakaway wand, egg bag, and  Cups & Balls. The Case was falling apart and decided to added vintage tricks in it and sell to a magic collector.

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The Picnic backpack - I believe still sold today. its a backpack  designed to hold plated and cups. and was very useful when I travelled over seas. a pack light solution indeed .

The front has compartments for wands , rods, cups. the back compartment has the most larger props. I was able to carry - peekaboo bunny from silly Billy. latex coke  bottle, mismade queen. mini dove pan. The case was enough for an hour show without the balloon gags

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I guess this is a camera backpack. it has Amazon logo and an amazing customized partition for organizing your stuff. Of the great solutions to a great flowing show is each trick in its compartment, and reset after you complete the trick.  This case gave me more that what I needed for a full show.. from zombie levitation to flowers to puppets bottles silk and cards.  Also the pack flat back with coloring books, what's next, peekaboo bunny .

The side tripod holder is used to hold the pop wand, side pockets have ropes and the other side pocket had the light thumbs a great people to gather crowds .

the front zipper is container for the coloring routine from the fan, BreakAway crayon, color scarf, vanishing crayons. Snake in crayons . Also pockets hold buisness cards and marketing material.

The other great thing is the velcro option to hold your wands, tubes.

This by far is way better than the picnic case. packs light. Great for un expected events. I keep in the car and will always be able to pull a play big show at any time.

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I believe this is a specialized case designed for showcasing samples to designers. What's intriguing is that I never thought it would be possible to securely and easily fit taller props into a compact, lightweight case. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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