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Star Trick

Looking into props made 100 years ago. i came across the forgotten STAR gag . I had an idea to revive it using a Rocket that will go well with any science show. with 4 blocks spelling STAR and then you launch the rocket and it says RATS. great magician in trouble misbehaving prop effect

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these were my initial rocket design. using a square tube, I will print 4 letter blocks and 4 shell gimmicks. The trick uses the "Peanut butter & Jelly" method. quite simple

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Sine we don't have any limitation when it comes to 3d printing. why not use a Borg ship instead of a rocket (borg from star trek new generation)

Its not exactly a cube, but the visual details are stunning. Great collector item. print was black, and using metallic spray paint- this was the result. the only issue is the 3d model came to 200Mb in size. and print time is long.

I will post the item in the print OnDemand shop. comtact us if you like the stl. the project requires a vinyl cutter to make the letters , or you can spray paint letter molds on the blocks.  other than that no assembly required.

Maybe I will post a sample routine tryout when I have a family party- nephews are great to test new material on

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Scott Peckham

Hi, I really like the borg idea.  Where is the print onDemand shop, didnt see it.  Would like the files.  Thanks, Scott