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Salt Pour Gimmick

These things are insanely expensive, they are basically a bottle of 5hr energy with a bigger lid

if you ever accept to design a new model. this is what's needed

  1. able to palm in hand (7cm is ok for a large size hand)
  2. hold max amount of sand or salt (ball shape)
  3. flesh color (tan color pla or paint)
  4. lid that fits your thumb inside
  5. coin size lip to palm using a coin palm method
  6. metal or magnet bottom to hide
  7. flat bottom so it can sit up straight (to steal)

please 3d design this with a  fair market price

thank you

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3d designed a version where you can coin palm it, and thumb steal it. Also includes a belt magnet to vanish . I decided to post it on ebay for a reasonable price

search ebay for "Salt Pour Gimmick Magic Trick With belt magnet clip"

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