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Run Cookie Monster Run

I stumbled upon a prop similar to "Run Rabbit Run" that utilizes a bear instead of a rabbit. As I researched the prop's history, I discovered that there was a dispute surrounding the prop's original construction.

The original design was "Run Cookie Monster Run" by Jim Goren and Hank Lee (c. 1977). The item was discontinued immediately due to a copyright dispute with Sesame Street. The trick then became known as "The Bakery Bear Magic Trick" and the Cookie Monster version was no longer produced.

I quickly utilized my Photoshop abilities and began by revamping the design of the Cookie Monster.

I then incorporated a "Peek-a-Boo" feature allowing the monster to appear from the top, bottom, left and right.


The Peek-a-Boo Bunny, a prop designed by Silly Billy, features a mischievous rabbit that pops out of the hat from various directions, including the top, bottom, left and rig

I wasn’t granted permission to reveal the inner workings of the Peek-a-Boo Bunny prop, however, it is manually operated by sliding the rabbit out of the hat with your hand.

Key Considerations:

  • The integration of additional elements, such as the peek-a-boo rabbit, enhances the uniqueness of the prop
  • The redesign of the subject of the trick can also contribute to its originality
  • The prop was constructed for personal use, and additional Sesame Street characters can be added if desired."


Challenge yourself to re-examine a pre-existing routine or trick from a different perspective. Each magician has their own unique style. Ask yourself if you can improve upon it and consider why you're performing it in a certain way. Consider whether you've learned a new technique that could enhance the trick, and if the trick still aligns with your personal style. Be willing to make changes if necessary."


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