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P&L “production tube” magic trick

from the Selections of Ken Klosterman's Salon de Magie

New Haven
Connecticut, Petrie & Lewis, ca. 1939. A metal tube is shown
empty, yet from inside the magician produces a billiard ball
or other small object. The tube could also be used to vanish or
change small objects. Made of heavy gauge brass, lacquered in
red and gold. Load chamber features a spring loaded lid for easy
access to its interior. 3 x 3 x 8”.


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Assume the black opening is hidden with it being black you can show the tube empty.

Also assume the ball is palmed and rolled down the "secret vent"

should be easy design and print - No print support needed if printed upside down.

not sure if the load chambers spring lid is needed, unless its pre loaded and we need to conceal the loaded item