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Peekaboo King of Hearts

I designed a card trick inspired by Payneful Card Rise. by Wolf’s Magic, 2000s.
A comedic Rising Card effect with jumbo card rise finale and electronic visual gags.  example of the original routine

My version uses a 5x7 bicycle cards, the cards are used to force the king of hearts

a smaller deck of cards is placed in a cup and watch the king rise, as magician fails he check the electronic visual gags, batteries, antenna etc. and fails

Going back to the jumbo deck (switch with peekaboo gimick deck), the card rises in a way "peekaboo bunny" does with silly Billy's  prop. The king rises from top, bottom, left and right.

I have tested and printed the 3d model. used photo paper to print bicycle cover to advise . just need to work on routine and record a sample.

the electronic gadget used were antenna from a device bought a thrift store, lights from a Pokémon hand watch, and the battery produced with a slight of hand , palming the battery and pretend to take it our of the deck.

I have tested few cards, and seems the king of heart was the funniest of them all. all other pic cards did not look good, instead were creepy peeking up and down. other cards were the Ace of heart or Dimond had also a funny effect, but didn't poses a character.


Upon browing in a thrift store, I came across this cordless sign.

If you follow my previous builds, I always like multi purpose props. This sign can work instead of the small deck. So I'm changing the routine to

Having 2 large decks. One on the table. And one in my hand where I force a card on spectator. then the 2 decks will communicate and the choosen card will rise on the deck on the table

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There are few things going on inside. The actual sign has led lights and aaa batteries.  I did add hot glue to fragile electric components and also added the foll6

- Pokemon watch with cool changing led lights

-A Reel usb cord

-A Radio antenna

- A mini remote control (will use as a magic wand) to aid in switching the real deck to peekaboo deck

- Sponge batteries made from hair roller bought from dollar tree

As you can see this is a diy build I made according to what I found from scrap electronics.  It's not a reproducible prop . You can build it unique to what works.

I will record a test demo with my friends and their children to see any feedback.

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basic tinker design, printed the layers in 3 . print time is long due to the flat surface. assembly and gluing is required. This is the only part that can be reproduced on demand.

scanned the king of hearts, and printed it on a vinyl sheet. adhesive to the four panels.

the box cover is scanned and printed in 2 sizes, one to fit the peekaboo king, and the other to cover the sign.

after putting layers and glued and with king of heart stickers.   the results are better than expected

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final thoughts :

I wasn't happy with the multiplying batteries as they weren't visual. but I did find chanting "RISE" will make the children go rise rise every time the king peeks. so it is definitely engaging  effect thanks to the genius of David kay discovery of how children reacted to his bunny trick.

the rise rise  reminds me of Dethklok song Awaken (the viral batman metal song video).

The other thing I was amazed with a 5 min presentation just with the basic freestyling it. I will defiantly  polish the routine further. .