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patreon's Hoppity Rabbit - 3D Printed Magic Tricks

file available on patron https://www.patreon.com/emadmagic

I might release item in the shop. prop is still not as smoothed as I wish it to be

I prefer the 1 rabbit routine with the END gag at the end

Rabbits are 9in long. so a 300mm printer bed is needed.

Uploaded files:
  • Z0FBQUFBQmpyTEJxR3lkQVBoTnhrcWRCUDNQT29Eakw5b2lkTzU0Zy1lNnFjXzR5LWkwU005d1pBMFh4RHlvWmJkNHV2dC1wMzZEcHpLZkx5TDNrdEVqSUQxNzJZTTVMQVE1WUZCa3hqeE94TUluY2FmdFV2emtNYmhNbkZVOHV4MVFIREQ0aWd6WVVyeS14dXV4amVBZjdCd3k1SH.jpg

many thanks  rtghth