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MY Mentalism Jumbo Marked Card system

These cards are used for preshow setup with a spectator , for my show, each card has a picture of an animal, spectator chooses one card , and while the magician turns his head to look away he glimpses the marking on the  card.

The marking are clear on 4 sides , I used  the modern Arabic number ١”, “٢”, “٣”, “٤”, “٥”, “٦”, “٧”, “٨”, and “٩”, I can make one in Japanese numbers if needed. this is just an extra effort not to use the numbers your local audience are familiar with. Its a small effort for learn 1-9 in a different language.

Print these on avery trublock labels, and add them to a big size bicycle card, the front of the card can be a print of an animal, or just use anything of your choice.  During the show, you select the spectator and confirm that you didn't force him to choose a certain card/animal. Make sure the audience know its a free choice from the volunteer. and from the Audience prospective they are not aware of the preshow setup


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