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Jumbo Card monte

Avery labels came up with a cleaver solution with trueblock technology. meaning the label will cover what's underneath. this will come handy when sticking labels on top of playing cards, and the card under will not leak through.

the only issue that Avery labels has waterproof labels (high quality) with  true block for 5x7 size.  there are 8x10 trurbloock but not waterprof. they are paper quality.

removing the background is not a bid deal, you can sand the cards and remove the colors. then you can apply printable vinyl sheets available on amazon

I wanted to make a jumbo 3 card monte  that will work for a stage environment. great for older kids and teenagers show. the issue is that my printer is missing few mm of the print. I scanned the cards and photoshopped it . for the 5x7, things work great. and there is no limit what you print on your cards . for the 8x10 however, there might be a challenge depending on what type of printer you have

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